What is a Tweetup?

Most Tweetups are groups of people who met online using Twitter. When they converge to network, socialize, learn, and hang out, it’s called a Tweetup. Now Tweetups may also include people from other social media platforms, like Facebook. Sometimes even our non-Twitter friends make special appearances to see what we’re all about.

How did CLTweetup get started?

In the summer of 2009, four Tweeps realized they lived within a few miles of each other in south Charlotte. They decided to meet for dinner and publicly discussed their plans on Twitter. Within a few days, the group of four had grown into 15 Tweeps meeting at The Lodge for dinner & drinks. During that dinner, while discussing how much fun it was, someone asked Cara (much to her surprise) when and where she was planning the next Tweetup. We met the following month at Brio, where 25 Tweeps showed up for dinner. The rest is CLTweetup history.

Can anyone attend CLTweetup?

Yes, it’s open to anyone in the Charlotte area and our visitors from other areas. We just ask that you register in advance. You don’t have to be on Twitter or Facebook, but you’ll find that most of our attendees do use social media and that makes for lots of common ground and interests. We publicize our events via Facebook & Twitter and use Eventbrite to handle our ticket reservations.

Why would I want to sponsor or host CLTweetup?

We welcome any discussions you want to have about hosting or sponsoring our group. We usually host our monthly event at local restaurants or businesses conducive to allowing our group to socialize and network. Our group size usually ranges from 40-70 attendees. We promote our event and hosts on Twitter and Facebook, as do many of our followers and attendees. We have some other sponsorship opportunities, so please contact us on Facebook or Twitter.